Making Money Is Hard

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I am sick and tired of trading my time for money.

It feels as though I will be stuck in this never-ending cycle of working my life away. Am I the only one in this rut? I can’t be the only one who thinks the way the system is set up, it’s here to keep us down. I watch Youtube video after Youtube video and nothing seems to change. I hear that execution is key to success but the way most markets are saturated, it seems as though it is impossible to get to a real successful level.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been on the hunt for passive income. This is a real brutal market, by the way, you will not see results at the beginning. This makes it hard to stay motivated enough to finish what you started. Then, you watch another Youtube video that tells you to do something completely different. You think its a good idea, so you shift your focus away from what you been doing to work on a new endeavor.

My advice to you, figure out what you are good at and stick with one thing!

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