How To Find A Job Opportunity

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Finding a job opportunity is a lot easier than most people think. 

Don’t look for the job, look for the opportunity.

Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Now and days everyone is looking for their next job, especially student right out of college. College grads think that finding a job will solve their problems.

Truth is, an opportunity will solve your problems. Here are 4 tips today to find your opportunity.


1. Look For The Opportunity 


This may seem like a very basic step but it is very important. Before you can notice opportunities you must first look for them. Many people overlook this very simple step! 

Being aware and open to the possibilities will give you the lens necessary to see the opportunities presented to you.

Have you heard the saying “You wouldn’t see an opportunity if it hits you in the face.” Opportunities are everywhere, waiting for you to take action.


2. Don’t stop applying until you have the job 


This is where your average person would fall off at or maybe get stuck in a position they don’t really like.

From my personal experience, I’ve noticed how young adults around my age (18-25 years old) would stop looking for a job once they made an interview appointment.

Then if the interview doesn’t work out they don’t have a backup. Starting from scratch sucks!


Plus, It kills your motivation and momentum!

The first rule of thumb when looking for an opportunity is to never stop looking or applying, even after getting some interviews.

The more relevant jobs you send your resume to, the better your chances will be.


(Think of it as a numbers game)

For those who persevere, it’s a matter of time until you find the perfect stepping stone to help you level-up!


Bills are endless so it is very important that you find a situation that makes you happy.


Living paycheck to paycheck can really hide your opportunities because you’re so stressed out all the time!


Take action today and avoid that dead-end job you hate.


3. Apply to start-up companies

Applying to start-up companies is a great way to find opportunities. Unlike large companies, start-ups typically have more roles that need to be filled. 


4. Find your passion


Many times we feel pressure from our friends, family, and society to be something we are not. This causes our confidence to plummet because we aren’t playing towards our strengths and doing what makes us happy. Taking the time to figure out what makes us happy can boosts your self-awareness and self-confidence

When it comes to life in general, there are many benefits to pursuing your passions. 


The feeling of Empowerment because you realized you can combine your passions to create something you can’t even imagine!




Now that our self-confidence has increased, we can start pushing our boundaries to expand our comfort zones.When passion becomes our career or vocation, that’s when we start getting paid to do what we love. 


One of the things that really set me apart from other candidates was my passion for business and entrepreneurship. Being very passionate about something that is related to most of your work experience shows real character most employers seek.


You cannot teach work ethic! So,

Having a burning passion for something can really open doors for you. Finding your passion will bring out your ambition as you tell your story.

Sometimes, it may feel pointless applying to so many online jobs. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you are job hunting, mindset plays a huge role in keeping you motivated to continue the search. The key is to persevere through the frustration and never stop looking for the position that will bring you to the next level.


Remember the goal while searching for a job is to get you to the next level in your career.

Omar Bagent


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    • Hello Jan Zac,

      Welcome to the entrepreneur’s lifestyle, I’m happy to tell you that they are definitely better ways to get traffic to your site for free. I think your best bet is to start reaching out to people via social media. I found that Twitter and Pinterest is the best place to look for free traffic, mainly because it is really easy to get people to click on your website links. I also recommend you start making relationships with people in your niche using social direct message. Its free and people love helping out people trying to make a difference and create they own business. Start creating a following, it will do nothing but help your website and give you credibility.

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