Becoming Better- Self Improvement Strategies

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The journey to self improvement is a long, never-ending ride and is constantly filled with the occasional roadblocks and setbacks. Making the conscious decision to become a better person for your friends, family and most importantly yourself is the first and most crucial step to self improvement. 


The need to keep a positive outlook on life is extremely high right now!


With everyone so busy with their education, jobs, and even relationships it can be hard to find the time to better ourselves. It can even feel overwhelming. Our reaction to the problems we face can either help us or destroy. Negativity or overreactions can affect the way we look at ourselves and subsequently the way others view us. Over time, this perception people have of us is termed our personality and after a while, we begin to believe it.


Once you have made the bold decision to be better, you can incorporate the following ten self-improvement strategies into your everyday routine.


  1. Pay Yourself a Compliment

Make a conscious effort to pay yourself a compliment every day before you begin your daily routine.

It is common for individuals to lose themselves in their jobs or responsibilities that they totally lose touch with how amazing they are, especially if they are not appreciated enough for their efforts.

If no one else will take the time to tell you how amazing you are, do it yourself! This will give you that emotional boost you need to crush it at work and will definitely put you in a great mood which will reflect on everyone you come in contact with.

  1. Read a Book

Knowledge is power! 

Investing your time and resources on books will make you knowledgeable in many spheres of life thus enabling you to engage and make intelligent contributions to conversations. The greater the number of books you read, the greater the level of wisdom you attain. Various motivational books are great for self-improvement and you should definitely invest in those.

  1. Travel more

This is somewhat similar to being well read. You can develop yourself and diversify the things you are accustomed to by changing your environment once in a while. Travelling exposes you to different cultures and practices from different parts of the world, thus broadening your mindset in many ways. Make a mental note to travel more now!

  1. Be Open to Change

No individual is perfect; therefore in order to become a better person, you need to be open to change. Change is said to be constant and is the only way to grow into the individual you want to become. Being willing to learn, unlearn and relearn new and old habits are the strategies that every individual should be able to undergo in order to progress into a better human being. However, in order to do this, one must keep an open mind and be willing to accept constructive criticism from time to time.


  1. Learn to Control Your Anger

This is a somewhat difficult goal to attain!

Many individuals tend to act on their rage thus making irrational decisions and in turn hurting those around them. Remaining in an angry state tends to cloud your thought process thereby not enabling you to think properly. In order to better control this situation, try controlling your temper when you are aggravated by taking long, deep breaths and isolating yourself for a couple of minutes if you still feel angry. This gives you a calm environment to collect your thoughts without hurting those around you.

  1. Volunteer more

Doing nice things for an individual or organization who can’t repay your gestures is one of the top strategic steps to take when trying to be a better you. Find a local orphanage or animal shelter to volunteer your services. This will prove to people that you support a good cause and will leave you feeling really good about yourself.

  1. Be a Better Listener


Everyone is constantly in a rush these days and a lot of people tend to have bulky opinions and all want to air them at the same time. This habit helps no one, especially when you are trying to be a better individual. When in the midst of people, take ample time to listen to what others have to say before you speak. This will make people feel important and will show that you are making a conscious effort to get to know them. Cutting off someone who is in the middle of a speech is very rude and will earn you no social points.

  1. Try to Be Honest

In everything you do, try to be honest. Let your word be your bond and try not to break a promise you made to someone. This will earn you a lot of respect and admiration from individuals and you will feel good about yourself. Do your best not to betray the trust that someone has in you and do everything you can to live up to the good reputation you’ve earned for yourself thus far. Take baby steps by making a conscious effort not to tell any lies this week and once you’re done you can advance to a month. Soon everyone will notice how trustworthy you’ve become over time.

  1. Become a Role Model

In order to be termed as a role model, you have to have had your acts together for a long period of time to a point where outsiders look at you and want to become like you. In addition, making the deliberate effort to become a role model to someone will give you the big push you need to become a better person as you wouldn’t want to disappoint the people who look up to you for guidance. You will become more aware of your actions and the possible consequences, thereby helping you make wiser choices.

  1. Forgive and Let go

It may not be easy to forgive the ones who hurt you in the past as emotional wounds take years to heal. But since you are on the path to becoming a better individual you need to forgive those who did wrong by you. Holding a grudge for a long period of time makes you somewhat bitter and soon, people begin to notice the negative aura around you and start to avoid you. You need to understand the fact that human beings are imperfect and therefore tend to make silly mistakes. By not holding the mistakes of others against them forever, you let go of the hurt their acts might have caused and this makes you more open to new friendships or relationships with new people, thus making you a better individual.

Every day you should wake up thinking, “How can I be a better person today than I was yesterday?” this will put your mission in an approachable perspective. With a consistant practice of the strategic steps outlined above, you sure are on the fast track to becoming a better person and getting that money!!

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